Exercises for the toes, feet and ankles

These exercises can help with discomfort and disorders in the toes, feet, and ankles.When exercising, remember to drink plenty of water and leave plenty of space around you to avoid damage.Starting softly and progressively increasing your intensity is a smart suggestion if you’re new to exercising.

Achilles tendon and plantar fascia stretch


Wrap a towel around the ball of your foot and pull your toes towards your body while keeping your knee straight. For 30 seconds, stay in this position. Rep three times on each foot.

Plantar fascia stretch

Sit down and lay a round object under the arch of your foot, such as a tin of beans. Roll your foot on the tin in various directions for a few minutes. This practise should be repeated two times per day.

Sitting plantar fascia stretch

Sit down and cross one leg over the other’s knee. Pull your toes in close to your torso until you get a good stretch. For 15-20 seconds, stay in this position. This procedure should be repeated three times.

Wall push

STEP 1: Place both hands at shoulder height in front of a wall and one foot in front of the other. 30cm should be the space between the front foot and the wall (12 inches). Bend your front knee into the wall while keeping your back knee straight until your rear leg’s calf feels tight. Relax for a total of ten repetitions.

STEP 2: Repeat STEP 1, but this time bend the back knee slightly and drive the back foot forward slightly. Do this a total of ten times.

Ankle range of motion


Bend your ankle as close to your body as possible, then point your toes away from it. Do this a total of ten times.

Ankle rotation


Rotate your ankle in a circle slowly. Rep 10 times in one direction, then 10 times in the other.

Towel pickup

Take a seat and place a towel on the floor in front of you. Scrunch the towel between your toes while keeping your heel on the ground to pick it up. Rep 10–20 more times. Add a small weight to the towel as you improve, such as a tin of beans.

Standing heel raise


Raise yourself up on your tiptoes with your knees straight, supported by a counter or chair. Return your feet to their previous position gradually. Do this a total of ten times.

Toe spread


With your feet on the floor, spread your toes as far apart as possible. For a total of five seconds, stay in this position. Rep this exercise a total of ten times.

Alphabet writing


While seated, write the letters in the air with your big toe by just moving your ankle. Try to write the complete alphabet at least twice a day.

Ankle out


Make a loop with an elastic workout band and secure it with a table or chair leg, or your other foot. One foot should be inserted inside the loop. While keeping your heel on the ground, turn your toes outwards against the resistance of the band. Return your foot to its original position slowly. Work your way up to performing the set three times a day and ten times.

Basic balance


Balance on one foot while supporting yourself with a stable item, such as a kitchen counter. Increase the amount of time you spend performing this to one minute. Three times a day, twice a day, try to complete the set.

Use every opportunity to practise standing on one leg; incorporating it into your daily routine will help you grow.


Make this basic balance exercise more difficult by standing on a cushion or pillow once you’ve mastered it. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend doing it.


Once you can easily balance on a pillow and feel confident, return to standing on the floor and perform the fundamental balance exercise with your eyes closed.